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16GB Nexus 4 Available in Australia – Sells Out (maybe) in Thirty Minutes

16GB Nexus 4 Available in Australia – Sells Out (maybe) in Thirty Minutes

Well that didn’t take long. Google+ user, and Australian, John Fanavans was able to purchase a 16GB Nexus 4 moments ago, but the play store already has the 16GB devices sold out, and only the 8GB version is available now.

Above is his receipt proving he made the purchase. This should answer all the people wondering if the 16GB was even released.

Now to figure out if I should stay up until midnight, or get some sleep now and wake up at 3am.

This does not necessarily mean the 16GB version IS sold out, just that it’s no longer available.

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  • Andreas

    Seconds is a bit over the top.
    - I saw that it was available
    - made a screenshot
    - uploaded that to Google+
    - transferred money to my credit card account
    - ordered the N4

    I think, all in all it took me ~ 15min and I got one.

    • shaun76

      You’re right. “Seconds” is what I first heard, then I read it was closer to 30 minutes. Changed the title to reflect that. Thanks for the info, and congrats on getting one!

      • Andreas

        Thanks :) .

        Now I hope Google is getting their act together with the shipping.

        Btw. 8GB is now sold out too.

        • shaun76

          I ordered a Nexus 7 a few weeks ago for my niece and it arrived in 2 days, but that’s in the States,

          • Andreas

            Yeah not in Aus…
            When I ordered my Nexus 7, it was shipped from Hong Kong. So it has to go through customs and all that. takes 3-5 days. Unfortunately…

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