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All New, and Much Improved, Google Currents Update – Coming Soon?

All New, and Much Improved, Google Currents Update – Coming Soon?

Watching the Nexus announcement video from The Verge from two weeks ago, I noticed a very new, and much improved version of Google Currents – Google’s answer to Flipboard.

At 12:51 in, you’ll see the new Currents on the Nexus 10. It looks nothing like the version available now, and as an occasional Currents user, I’m extremely excited about this.

Here are three screenshots from the video:

It looks similar to the Google+ Android app, but has some very nice animations. It also looks like it now has Google Reader folder support, so instead of looking at just one source, you can view many sources under one topic. I’d love to see this replace Google Reader, and fingers are crossed it will have an option to only show unread items.

Has anyone seen this update yet, or know anything more about it? I’m a little surprised that this hasn’t really been mentioned, but then I remember that it’s Currents, and even though it comes pre-installed on Nexus devices now, not many people use (or care) about it. I imagine that will change based on what I’m seeing in the video.

Any Google Currents users out there? Thoughts on the new UI?

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